Saturday, March 21, 2009

MEMS company listing by the MIG (MEMS Marketplace)

MIG (The MEMS Industry Group) has started a new web-portal called "MEMS Marketplace",
an online portal that will serve as a matchmaker for companies in the entire MEMS supply chain, from material suppliers to OEMs.

This certainly sounds interesting as it could make life for people in the MEMS and related businesses much easier to identify suppliers, potential collaborators etc.
At the moment the directory however is rather US-centric with only a couple of non-US companies in the directory and it only lists companies which are members of the MIG.
This will likely put potential users of the portal off as in fact it does not cover the entire MEMS supply chain, but only a small part of it, namely only companies willing to pay to be included in this directory.

In conclusion: Great idea, but opening the portal to non-MIG member-companies would in my opinion greatly benefit the directory.